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Welcome to The Reisdorf Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring four generations of Reisdorfs in the line of Jacob Reisdorf of Germany.

9. Catherine (Catharina) Reisdorph (Weatherwax)--The mother of Lorenz Widerwax and wife of Andries Wiederwachs, Catharina Reisdorp (Reisdorf) was baptized May 10, 1745 in Albany, NY. to Lorentz Reisdorp & Anna Marguretha Sarenberger of NY. The precise year of her death, sometime after 1764, is not known. Catherine was the first of 8 children. Her siblings were: Anna Margaretha (b.1747), Johannes (b.1750), Elisabetha (b.1753), Anna (b.1755), Leonhardt (b.1759), and Magdalena (b.1762).

10. Lorentz (Laurence) Reisdorp--Catherineís father, Lorentz, was born about 1721 in NY to Johannes & Anna Margaretha Reisdorf. Lorentz joined the Red Hook Lutheran Church in 1741 and married Anna Marguretha Sarenburger (b.ca.1720, NY) around 1744. He is listed in Capt. Abraham Van Aernamís Company in 1767. Lorentzís will is dated 1792 & probated 1813. His wife died ca.1812; the names of her parents are not known, though a Leonhardt Sarenburger is listed with Anna Marguretha as a sponsor (perhaps a brother).

11. Johannes Reisdorf--the father of Lorentz, Johannes, was born in Germany in 1693. His wife, Anna Margaretha Friederich, was also born in Germany in 1692 or 93 (d.1759). Her parents were Master Hans Peter Friederich, a smith (b .July 13, 1679) and his wife Magdalena (maiden name unknown ; d.1715). The Reisdorff ancestral home appears to have been at 6551 Waldbockelheim (4-1/2 km.s NW. Of Niederhausen).The Reisdorf family immigrated on Capt. Johann Ranneldís ship, the third party of Palatine Germans traveling through Rotterdam to England in 1709. They traveled with their first two children, arriving in the colony of New York in 1710. Johannes died in NY. ca. 1734. Their six children were: Maria Catherina (b.1706), Johannes (b.1708), Anna Rosina, Anna Catherina, Catherina Elisabetha (b.1716), and Lorentz (b.1720, NY).

12. Jacob Reisdorf--The German father of Johannes Reisdorf, probably born ca.1670. No further information is known about his wife or parents.



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