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Welcome to The Kilmer Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring three generations of Kilmers in the line of Johannes Jurrian (Georg) Kuelmer of Germany. On this page, we follow a double line involving two Kilmer brothers and their daughters, whose grandchildren (Zachariah Craver and Anne Weatherwax) married in New York in 1818.

9. Marytje (Maria) Kilmer (Craver)-- The mother of David Craver, (grandmother of Zachariah Craver,) and wife of Johannes Craver, Marytje (Maritze or Maria) Kilmer was born ca. 1732-7 in Germantown, Columbia Co., NY., an elder daughter in a family of 8-10 children. She was the daughter of Johannes Kilmer (b.1705), an immigrant to NY from Germany, and Anna Veronica Becker (b.1711). Maria’s date of death is unknown.

9. Catharina Kilmer --An older cousin of Maria, Catharina was born in 1728 (1724?) upstate New York (either in Kingston, Ulster Co. or Red Hook in Dutchess County). She was the likely mother of Anna Milius (Weatherwax)--who was the mother of Anne Waetherwax. Catharina married Johann Jacob Milius and she was the fifth of fourteen children of Simon Kilmer (b.ca.1698) and Elisabetha Funck (b.1679) who immigrated from Germany. Catharina is not proven to be the mother of Anna Milius (Weatherwax); for a discussion of the evidence of their probable relationship, click on Anna's name above.

10. Johannes Kilmer -- The father of Maria Kilmer Craver and son of Georg Kilmer, Johannes Kilmer was born ca.1700-5 in Germany, the ninth of eleven children. By 1731-2, he had came to Germantown, New York, this being the year and place where he married Anna Veronica Becker. Their daughter, Maria (Marytje) was one of eight to ten children.

10. Simon Kilmer -- The older brother of Johannes, and father of Catherine Kilmer (Milius), Simon was born ca.1698 in Germany. He was the eldest of eleven children of Georg and Anna Margaretha Kilmer. Around 1725, he married Elisabeth(a) Funck of Donsbach or Medenbach, Germany (another sources says they married in 1717 in Medenbach, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia, Germany).

11. Johannes Jurrian (Georg) Kuelmer --Georg Kilmer, or Johannes Jurrian Kuhlman(n), was the father of Simon and Johannes Kilmer. He was born about 1670 in Germany and married Anna Margaretha (b. ca 1674 in Germany). She is called Eva Margaretha on some old lists. (We cannot be sure of her maiden name. One web source gives her last name as Weber, while several others believe that it was Schleicher. (Anna Margaretha Schleicher was born Nov. 26, 1671 in Germany and died in 1742/3 in Red Hook, New York. Her parents were Johannes and Anna Catharina Schleicher.) Together, Georg and Anna Margaretha had ten or eleven children, Simon being the eldest and Johannes being the ninth (third?) child. Georg and Anna immigrated to America with their four or five children, arriving in NY in 1710. Georg’s date of death and the identity of his parents are unknown. One LDS entry lists him as born 1674 in Arnsberg, West Fallen, Germany.

Notes: Georg Kilmer was also known as Hans Jury, Jurich John Georg and many other names. The spelling of the surname Kilmer was also Kuhlmann. George Kuhlmann/Kilmer made his first appearance on the Hunter Ration Lists of July 4, 1710, with 2 persons over 10yrs of age and 3 persons under 10. He was recorded with 4 persons over 10 and 3 under on Aug. 4, 1710, with 6 persons over 10 and 1 under on June 24, 1712, and with 6 over 10 and 2 under on Sept. 13, 1712. Jurich Kelmer was naturalized on Jan. 17, 1715/16. Georg Kolmer, with wife and children, were at Hessberg around 1716/17. The mark of Jury Coolmer was recorded on an old manuscript dated 1718/19 (Livingston Papers, Reel #4). Jury Coelmer/Coolmer was a Palatine Debtor in 1718, 1719, 1722 and 1726 (Livingston Debtors Lists).

Letter to Jennifer Matternes from Lawrence Rickard: "George Kuhlmann. The founder of the Hudson Valley Kilmer family was indeed Georg Kuhlmann/Kilmer. Some published genealogies relating to the family mistakenly give one Philipp Kilmer as the first generation in America; however, this non-existent Philipp came into being through a misreading of the emigrant Philip Helmer's name found on the West Camp Census of 1710/11. ...... Jurich Kelmer was nat. 17 Jan 1715/16 (Albany Nats.). Hans Jury Kolemer was on the roll of the Independent Company of the Manor of Livingston (in Columbia County) 30 Nov 1715. ..... His wife was called Anna Margaretha in 1720 and Eva Margaretha in 1725 and 1728."


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