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Welcome to The Jones Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring three generations of Jones in the line of Broad Jones of (Macon County?), Tennessee.

4. Dora Lee Jones (Linville) -- The mother of Lois Marie Linville (Watts), Dora was born May 19, 1902, in or near Macon Co., TN, and died in May of 1982. She married Jollie Linville,  who was a blacksmith, ca. 1920/23. They had five surviving daughters: Lois Marie, Dixie Pearl, Anna Lee, Bonnie, and Doris Ann.. The family lived in several different towns among the hills of Macon County, TN, such as Willard, Old Bottom and Lafayette. Dora also lived in panerai replica watches Nashville for a time during her final years. Dora and Jollie are buried at Hillsdale Cemetery in Macon County. Dora's parents were William Marlin Jones and Nancy Camilla Meadors.

5. William Marlin Jones -- The father of Dora Lee Jones (Linville), Marlin was born ca.1877 in Macon Co. TN and died after 1940 in TN. He married Nancy Camilla Meadors (1881-1949) ca.1900 and is believed to have been a farmer. His wife Camilla (sometimes pronounced Cam-I-lly) died of tuberculosis of the bone. Their children were Deward, Chesley, Dora, Vita  and Etta. Marlin's parents were Broad Jones and Betty Drury.

6. Broadus Jones -- The father of William Marlin Jones, Broad was born in July 24, 1847 in TN  in Jackson Co. and died in Macon Co. on May 19, 1928. He married Betty Ann Delia Drury sometime before 1875. Broad appears, married with family, in the 1880 Macon Co. TN census, and is listed as a farmer. Broad and Betty had six known children: James G. D.(b.1870;d. after 1900), Thomas Alexandra (b.1872/1873;d. after 1900), William Marlin (b.1875; d. after 1940), John Mitchell  (Feb 8, 1881; d. after 1961), Cicero Alvin  (b. Jul 1891;d. after 1930), and Bettie Jones (b. Feb 1896.}His parents were Claiborne Jones and Frances "Fanny" Keeling of N.C. Very little else is known about this branch of the family; who settled in the hills of  northern Middle Tennessee.

7. Claiborne Jones -- The father of Broad Jones, Claiborne was born  ca.1810 in TN and died ca.1880/91 in Jackson Co. TN. He married Frances "Fanny" Keeling (b.ca.1815 in NC; d. after 1880 in Jackson Co., TN) in 1828 in Jackson Co., TN. Frances is thought to be the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Keeling and the brother of Broadus Keeling of NC, though this is as yet unproven. Thomas Keeling 's father was William, and William's parents are unknown. However Thomas' wife Sarah Gaines may be traced back further. Sarah's parents are Edward Gaines (b.ca.1751 in VA) and Susannah. Edward's parents are: Thomas Gaines (b.ca.1725 in Culpepper, VA) and Dorothy Broaddus  (b.ca.1726 in Culpepper, VA) which shows that the name Broaddus is a family surname. Her parents are Edward Broaddus (b.1672 in Wales) and Dollwyddelann Gwynn (b.1674) also of Wales. Thomas Gaines' ancestry can be traced back at least to Sir James Gaines (b.ca.1555 of Brecon, Wales. See the following link for further details:

Claiborne and Frances had seven known children:
William E. (Feb. 16, 1832-Nov. 18,1908), Sarah Ann  (Sept. 1834- Mar.23, 1909), Matthew  (Feb. 16, 1835-Mar 11,1915), Thomas  (b. ca 1843), John S.  (b. May 1844; d. after 1900),  Broadus  (July 24, 1847-May 19, 1928) and Polly  (b. ca 1851). Claiborne's father is Lazarus and his mother is unknown. Many thanks to genealogist Kevin Marsh for researching and sharing information on Claiborne Jones.

8. Lazarus Jones -- The father of Claiborne Jones, Lazarus was born ca. 1773 in Virginia and died before 1860 in Jackson TN. He married an unknown wife before ca. 1795 probably while still in VA. Soon afterwards, the family moved to NC and finally settled in Jackson, TN. Their children are Amassa, Elias, Byram, John, Claiborne, Susannah and Nancy. Lazarus's parents are unknown.


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