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Welcome to The Horton Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring three generations of Hortons in the line of
William Picturedrew Horton of (Robertson County?), Tennessee .

4.  Magdeline (Maggie) Laura Horton (Watts) -- "Maggie" Horton Watts, the mother of Sylvanus Watts, was born Feb. 2, 1887 in Robertson Co, TN. She married George Cates Watts on September 28, 1905 in Robertson Co. They had 15 children. She died February 22, 1971. Her parents were William Henry Horton and Anna Elizabeth Binkley (Horton). The grandson of her sister, Susie, was author and humorist, Jerry Thompson, who for years wrote the "Thompson's Station" newspaper column for the Tennessean.


5. William Henry Horton --The father of Maggie Laura Horton (Watts), William was born in TN between 1855 & 1858/9 (the later inferred from census records, while LDS gives July 23, 1855 as his birthdate). He died Sept. 6, 1908. He married Anna Elizabeth Binkley ca. 1877. They had 10 children: Leona (b. Jan. 12, 1885, d. Oct. 2, 1961, m. Mr. Pentecost); Maggie; Willie (b. March 1, 1889, d. Jul. 27, 1915); Charles Henry (b. Apr. 12, 1891, d. Feb 20, 1958); Susie R. (b. Nov. 27, 1898, d. Mar. 9, 1976, m. Mr. Felts); Hugo ("Shorty", b. Jan 15, 1901, d. Aug. 22, 1966); John; Callie; Allie (twin to Callie, d. Oct. 17, 1964);  Georgia (d. Sept. 30, 19??, m. Felix Allen). William's parents were William Picturedrew Horton and Margaret Burnett Horton.

6. William Picturedrew Horton -- The father of William Henry Horton, William "Drew" or "Grue" Horton was born in TN in 1828. His first wife was Elizabeth McCord (1827- ca.1850/60). After her death, he married Margaret Burnett (b.1823, parents unknown), whom family records list as the mother of William Henry Horton. He died in 1908





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