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Welcome to The Hooper Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring two generations of Hoopers in the line of Larkin R. Hooper of Humphreys County, Tennessee.

5. Laura Hooper (Cathey) --Laura Hooper, mother of Stella C. Boone, and wife of Levi Cathey, was born in 1864 in Stewart Co, TN. and died in Erin in 1926 or 27. (Her tombstone in Erin says 1864-1927.) She had dark hair and blue eyes. Her six siblings were: Richmond. (b. before 1846), Betsy (b.1846), Nancy (b.1848), William (b.1852), George (b.1854), amd Eldora (b.1859). Laura’s parents were Larkin R. Hooper and Emmaline Bateman of Stewart Co., TN. They married and moved to Erin, in Stewart Co. TN. (where they are also buried), sometime before 1850. Laura is listed as Levi Cathey's wife on the 1900 Houston Co. census with the name, "Lunde F. Cathey, born in TN in April, 1864.

6. Larkin R. Hooper --Larkin Hooper was born in January, 1824 and married Julia Emmaline Bateman (b. August, 1829) of Houston Co. TN. According to the 1880 Houston Co. TN census, both Larkin’s and Emmaline’s parents were from North Carolina, while Larkin was born in TN. However, the 1900 Census lists Larkin's parents as being born in Kentucky while agreeing that Larkin was born in TN. Larkin was a farmer and a Confederate soldier in the Civil War (Private Co "I"., 50th Infantry). According to one published source, Larkin was from Humphreys Co., TN or possibly NC. The identity of his parents is not known. The most likely candidate is Alfred Hooper (ca.1790/1800-1844/9) of Humphreys Co. (wife-Ruth), son of Joseph Hooper of Davidson Co. TN. (NC at the time), whose father was Church Hooper. According to David Hooper of the Humphrey Co. TN web site, Alfred had a son (name unidentified) who was born in Humphreys Co. in 1824, who may well be Larkin, though this has not been confirmed. (Alfred & Ruth’s other children were: 2nd unidentified son, b.1827, John, James, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Chauncey & Sarah.) Separate web records show that a Churchill (or Churchwell) Hooper (b. between 1742-1778; d.1807) came from GA. in 1796 with his brother Thomas to join another brother, Jesse Hooper, in Davidson Co., where they all settled. Churchill and his wife Mary had a son named Joseph (b. between 1758-1790) who married Elizabeth Suggs. (LDS shows a Capt. Joseph Hooper, b.ca.1772, born near Spartanburg, SC., who married Elizabeth Suggs & had several children in TN, but their names do not include Alfred. Therefore, it is unclear whether this is the same Joseph as the father of Alfred Hooper, the likely father of Larkin R. Hooper.) According to Adrian Bateman, brother of the late George Bateman, who was the Houston County Historian, Larkin Hooper was killed in a buggy accident at age 76 when a horse pulling his buggy tried to cut into a building, hit the building, knocking Larkin out of the buggy and causing his death. The tombstones for L. R. Hooper and J. E. (Bateman) Hooper are in Erin, TN. at the old home place of James Morton Bateman, previously owned by the Hoopers, sold to them by Julia's father, John Bateman. The tombstones read: L. R. HOOPER/ Born Jan. 5, 1824/ Died Oct.25, 1900...and...J. E. HOOPER/ Born Aug. 20, 1829/Died...



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