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Welcome to The Hawkins Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring two generations of Hawkins in the line of Stephen D. Hawkins of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and his wife Fanny Bonner Hawkins..

7. (Sarah) Elizabeth Hawkins (Lee) --The mother of Betty Lee and wife of John Washington Lee, Elizabeth was born in Edgecombe Co., NC. in early 1794, just before her father, Stephen Hawkins, passed away. She married John Washington Lee around 1812 and had 8 known children: Sarah Anne, William, George Washington, Betty, Calvin, James Sanford, John, Margaret and Mary Lee. She lived to be nearly 100 and died in Stewart (now Houston Co.) TN in 1893 (The historian Goodspeed mentions 1884 as her death date, but another source states that she was "still alive in 1884 at age 86"--Note: the age should probably be 90 in 1884.) Her mother was Fanny Bonner, born probably between 1770-1775, either in NC. or Scotland (Scotland is given as the birthplace of Elizabeth Hawkinడrents in the 1880 census). Sometime after Elizabeth and John౸12 (NC?) marriage, Elizabeth's mother, Fannie Bonner Hawkins, moved to TN (probably along with Elizabeth and J. W. Lee). Fanny died in Lexington, TN. and was buried just outside the town. Fannie೩ster married a Capt. Ellis in N.C. There are records of a Fanny Bonner (born in 1774 in Chowan Co. NC.; daughter of Henry Bonner and Leah Jordan) who married a James Satterfield in 1795 in Chowan Co., near Edgecombe Co. Also Marcia Sizemore Leeயtes do mention the name Satterfield, but without further explanation. Thus, this could be a second marriage of our Fanny Bonner, but as Fanny is thought to have died in TN not NC, and the maiden name Bonner, rather than Hawkins, is listed on the 1795 marriage record, the likelihood favors this being a different Fanny Bonner of similar age and geographical location.

8. Stephen D. Hawkins --The father of only one coach factory outlet known child, Elizabeth Hawkins Lee, Stephen (Steven) Hawkins was born ca.1770 or earlier. He appears in the 1790 census in Edgecombe Co. NC. and in the court records as having deceased during or before November 1794, after which his widow Fanny (Phaney) Bonner Hawkins sold off his estate. As Elizabeth Hawkins is thought to have been related to her husband, John W. Lee, as some kind of cousin, this would imply that perhaps Steven was a brother-in-law of Johnডther, or else that John୯ther was a Hawkins or a Bonner. Either Stephen or his parents (who are unknown) probably immigrated from Scotland.


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