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Welcome to The Graham Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring three generations of Grahams in the line of John Graham of Cumberland County, North Carolina..

5. Nancy Catherine Graham (Boone) --Kate Graham, as she was known, was the mother of John Marvin Boone and wife of John (Jack) Daniel Boone. She lived from May 13, 1853 (1852 according to LDS) to Jan.17,1920; born in Big Sandy, Benton Co., TN, and died in Erin, TN. Her parents were Robert Marshall Graham and Mary Ann McRae, both from TN. Sometimes listed as Mary Catherine Graham, LDS lists her as Nancy Catherine (or Katherine) Graham and as the first-born of 7 children (two died in infancy). Her siblings were: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzy" (1848-1935,TN), Thomas E. Newton Graham (b.1856, TN), Daniel Jackson (1850-1935, TN), Martha Ann "Mattie" (1839-1885, TN) and Clinton. Her half-siblings from her father's first first marriage were: Susannah and John Burwell Graham.

6. Robert Marshall Graham --The father of Kate Graham, Robert was born in 1819 in Stewart, TN. and died Dec. 22, 1895 in Big Sandy. A lawyer by profession, he seems to have been married at least four times. His first wife was Miss (Mary?) Alsup whom he married in 1839. She died in 1845 after having two children: Susannah Angeline Margaret and John Burwell Graham. On Oct. 14, 1846, Robert married Mary Ann McRae, daughter of Alexander McRae and  Jane McLeod. In 1874, after Mary Ann’s death in 1873, he married a third time to Mary Ann’s sister, Elizabeth MacRae Greer, widow of William Greer. His fourth and final wife was Rebecca Chandler whom he married in 1884.

7. John Graham --John Graham, the father of Robert Graham, was born in Cumberland Co., NC (or perhaps Scotland) in either 1764 or 1767. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in Dec.1781 at age 14 in the First North Carolina Regiment. He served under Capt. Hadley, Gen. Green and others and was discharged at Wilmington, NC in 1783. After returning to Cumberland County for a time, John moved to Montgomery Co. TN. between 1797 and 1800; then to Henry Co. and finally Stewart Co. TN, settling near Erin. His first son, Daniel was born ca. 1800-4 (supposedly in NC). In 1821, John moved to Benton Co. where he lived until his death in 1844. John’s wife’s name is unknown as are his parents. By deduction from census records, we can establish that John’s wife lived ca.1775/80 to 1830/40.The children of  John Graham were (in order): Catherine Ethemy (Buchanan-b.ca.1790?) Daniel (b.1800), Isabella (1804), Katherine, Ann, Caroline, John Burwell (1810/20), Robert Marshall Graham (1819) & Caroline L. (Alsup-1825).

Who was the father of John Graham? One of the most likely candidates for John’s father, proposed by Graham genealogist Nellie Lowry, (after ruling out for various reasons most other TN and NC Grahams of the period) is the well-educated schoolmaster, John Graham (b. ca. 1727 in Paisley, Refrewshire, Scotland), father of Major Archibald "Baldy" Graham (1754-1825) and Elisabeth Graham. John ,the schoolteacher, immigrated to Cumberland Co, NC around 1756. He could speak Gaelic, Latin, English and French and traveled around NC teaching and starting schools until his death in 1776. The scant records of the period, however, do not tell us whether or not he had a child named John. Two LDS records referring to possibly this same John Graham the Schoolmaster, show him born or christened either on July 20, 1727 (Abbey, Paisley) or Oct.29,1721 in Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland, and lists his father as Allan Graham(e), son of Allan Graham and Janet King. Another possible identity of John's father  is a John Graham, son of Alexander Graham (1739-1794) and Mary McCormick (1745-1826), the parents immigrating from Knapdale, Scotland to Cumberland Co. NC. This John Graham married Effie McGoogan and later Mary Finlayson. So far, we have found no verification of this John’s birth and death date or the names of any of his children, which would help rule him in or out as a candidate. It is said that some of John’s grandchildren in Big Sandy traced the Graham lineage back to Scotland and allegedly found that our Graham line was descended from some of the famous leaders of the Graham clan in Scotland. One such genealogy has been located and found to show a provably incorrect line back to Scotland, however a different more accurate chart may still exist in the hands of other descendents. According to Ralph Graham, a nephew of Kate Graham Boone, we are thought to be related to the Montrose line of Grahams, presumably through the famous Scottish clan leader, Sir James Graham (1612-1650), fifth Earl of Montrose (House of Claverhouse), who is related to the Scottish line of Kings, back to King Robert Bruce through the Royal House of Stewart, stemming from the 1413 marriage of Sir William Graham and Princess Mary Stewart, daughter of Robert (Stewart) III and sister of James I, both kings of Scotland. John Graham of Claverhouse, the Scottish hero known as "Bonnie Dundee" is also closely related to James Graham, but no children carried on his line, although there are Graham descendents in America through his brother, David. Ralph mentioned a story, written up in a book by Sir Thomas Lipton, which supposedly recounts how our particular Graham descendents came to America. There were seven Graham brothers in Scotland who had fallen out of political/religious favor with either Oliver Cromwell or Charles II (mid-1600’s). They escaped together on a ship bound for America (NC?) only minutes before royal soldiers on horseback arrived at the shore with orders to arrest and execute them. If the story is true, the failed Jacobite uprising, led by Charles Edward Stewart against George II of England in 1745, would be another period in which the hasty immigration under duress might have occurred. (Of course, such legends are quite common in genealogical circles and cannot be given too much weight; more likely, either John Graham, as a youth, or his parents emigrated from Scotland to NC.) If John Graham is ever proven to be of the Montrose Graham line, which includes a marriage into the Stewart line, it is a lineage full of famous ancestors, including the prominent Freemason Henri St. Clair who sailed with a fleet to Nova Scotia and America (before Columbus) in 1398, Lady Godiva of Coventry,  Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, various German & Scandinavian (Viking) Kings, and several "saints", such as St. Arnulf of Metz and St. Clotilda, wife of King Clovis of France. Finally, the lineage supposedly goes back through the Helenic and Persian Kings, Cyrus, Darius & Artaxerses (who married Queen Esther) to Ramses II of ancient Egypt, ca.1302-1213 BCE.

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