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Welcome to The Gootee Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring six generations of Gootees in the line of Jean Gautier (John Gootee) of France.

7. Sarah "Sally" Gootee --The mother of Sally Turner and first wife of Garretson Turner, Sally Gootee (or Gouty) was born ca. 1790-94, the oldest of six children of Mr.& Mrs. Abel Gootee. She gave birth to eleven children and died in 1833, at the approximate age of 41 years, in Caroline Co. MD. Her children were: Zebediah (b.ca.1813), Zachariah (b.ca.1815), Maria (b.ca.1819), Zebediah, Richard (b.ca.1820), Elizabeth (b.ca.1822), Henry (b.ca.1824), William (b.ca.1826), Eliza Ann (b.ca.1828), Mary Jane (b.1829), Margaret (b.ca.1831), and Sarah "Sally" Turner (1833-ca.1852/3).

8. Abel Gootee --The father of Sally Gootee, Abel Gootee was born ca.1765-70, probably in Caroline Co. MD, the third of five children of John and Elizabeth Gootee. Abel married three times, the first marriage being to the mother of Sally, the second daughter of Richard and Sarah Andrew, whose first name has unfortunately been lost (she was born ca. 1765-74 and died shortly after 1810). They had six children together: Sarah (ca.1790/94-1833), Arnold (b.ca.1791-1800), Eliza, Maria (b.ca.1800-10), William E. (b.1803) and Nancy (b.1803). Abel೥cond wife was Elizabeth Wheadleton, whom he married in 1813 and with whom he had three more children. Abelനird wife was Esther Brooks (b.ca.1789-90). He died sometime after 1827.

9. John Gootee (Jr.) --The father of Abel Gootee, John was born ca. 1738 in Dorchester Co. MD, the oldest of four children of Jacob and Margery Gootee. John first married Elizabeth Pritchett (d.ca.1770-74), with whom John had five children: Rhoda (b. after 1755), Abel (b.ca. 1765/70), Britannia (b: ca 1765), Pritchett (b:1765), and Cynthia (b: ca. 1770-1780). Elizabeth was the youngest of ten children of Phunback Pritchett (after 1695-1769) of Dorchester Co. MD, the third of nine children of Dr. John and Abigail Pritchett. John Pritchett, who died ca. 1711/12, was a physician in Dorchester Co. MD. John೥cond marriage was to Jemima (Brohawn?) with whom he had two more children. John died in Caroline Co. MD on Aug.4,1818.

10. Jacob Gootee --The father of John Gootee, Jacob was born ca.1691-6, the sixth of eight children of Joseph Gootee and Elizabeth Insley. In 1721, he married Margery (Woodland?). Jacob was a Revolutionary War veteran and the father of five children: John, Shadrack (d.1780)--married Elizabeth Brohawn (sister of Jemima), Capewell (d.before 1793), Jabez, and Mary. Jacob died in 1779.

11. Joseph Gootee --The father of Jacob Gootee, Joseph was born in France in 1661. He was the second of three children of John and Margaret Gootee who immigrated to Maryland from France. Sometime before 1691, Joseph married his first wife, Elizabeth Insley (d.after 1711), who was the second of two daughters of Andrew Insley (d.1699) and Margaret Jones (d. before 1698) of Dorcester Co. MD (Elizabeth೩ster was named Margaret). Together the couple had 3 children: Jacob, Ruth (d.ca.1762), and Andrew (ca.1698-1774). After the death of his first wife, Elizabeth, around 1698-1712, Joseph married Ann Harper, with whom he had four more children. Joseph died in 1716 in Dorchester Co., Maryland.

12. Jean Gautier (John Gootee Sr.) --The father of Joseph Gootee, John Sr. was born ca.1645 or before in France. He and his wife Margaret (maiden name unknown), immigrated from France to Dorcester Co. MD, where John died sometime after May of 1699. (Nothing earlier is known about their lineage.) John arrived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in February 1662, sponsored by Antoine LeCompte, a gentleman and large landowner in Maryland. John was a cordwainer (shoemaker) and was married to Margaret, whose last name is unknown but believed to be Beeson or Besson. Margaret and a son, Joseph, arrived in Maryland in 1666 and she completed her servitude (indenture) on February 6, 1679 and at that time her husband, John, was granted Fifty (50) acres of land, which they named "Callais", located between what is now, Egypt Road and Little Blackwater River. (Eventually, "Callais" contained 450 acres). John and Margaret Gottee (sic) and Stephen Beeson (Ettiene Beeson) were naturalized on 19 April 1671 and listed as "Citizens of France".

The Gootees had three known children :The oldest was John Gootee, Jr. who was born in France and died in Maryland in 1699. John is believed (but not proven) to be the John Goute(sic) that arrived in New Kent, Va., at the head of the York River, east of Richmond, Va. on 5 March 1654, twelve (12) years before his Father. There is no record of marriage for John.The second son, Joseph, was born in France circa 1661 and died in 1716 in Maryland. Joseph was married two times. His first wife was Elizabeth Insley, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Insley. This union produced eight (8) known children. The sixth, Jacob Gootee, born circa 1696 and died 9 March 1779. Jacob married Margery Wingate (or Pritchett), circa 1721. No documentation has been found to determine the exact last name. Jacob was a Revolutionary War Veteran. (The third child of John and Margaret Gootee was Judith Gootee who was born in Maryland circa 1673. Judith married John Cole in 1691 and at that time they were given fifty acres of land called, "Graveling", by her parents.) John Gootee and his brother Joseph, were naturalized along with two of Josephs sons, Joseph and John on 22 May 1695.

The majority of the Gootees from Dorchester County and Caroline County, MD are descended from Joseph೯n, Jacob and his offspring, Capewell, Jabez, Shadrack. Jacob೯n, John, changed his name to Gowty and moved to the Caroline County area. Around 1800, the Gootees started to move and claim land in the west and in the South. For instance, Andrew Gootee৲andsons, Joseph Wheland and George S. Gootee, accompanied by Josephডmily, decided to go to Kentucky and and settled near Springfield, Washington Co, Ky. Consequently, there are many Gootee/Goatee/Gowty/Gouty families now located primarily in Maryland, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

Note: Special thanks to genealogist Bob Gootee for  the use of information he has collected over the years on this page,  pertaining to Jean Gautier, his son, Joseph, his grandson, Jacob, and the dissemination of the Gootee family into other states. His own Gootee site is located at http://www.ecosinc.com/gootee.

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