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Welcome to The Feller Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring five generations of Fellers in the line of Nicolas Feller of Germany.

8. Grace Feller --The mother of Zachariah Craver, Grace Feller was born in 1775 or 1779 in Rensselaer. NY. She married David Craver in NY 1794, had three children, and seems to have died by 1800-4, by which time David remarried. Graceഷo brothers were Nicolas (b.1774) and Zacharias (b.1777). Graceడrents were Zacharias Feller (b. 1745) and Frances De Foy, who was born in 1749 in Albany, NY. (DeFoy, probably a French name, may also be spelled DeVoe or DeFoe); Frances튠 parent஡mes are not known.

9. Zacharias Feller --The father of Grace Feller Craver, Zacharias (Zachary) Feller was born in Rhinebeck, Rensselaer Co., NY.In 1745 (LDS) and in 1770 married Frances (Francisca) De Foy. His parents were Johan Nicholas Feller (b. 1717) and Anna Maria Nehr, who was born Oct. 13, 1717 in West Camp, Ulster Co. NY. Anna͊ parents were Carl Nehr and Anna Constantia Reichert, immigrants to NY who were born in Germany in 1675 and 1689, respectively.

10. Johan(n) Nicolas Feller -- Johan (Niclaus) Feller, the father of Zacharias, was born in West Camp, near Kingston in Dutchess Co.,NY on July 21, 1717 and married Anna Marie Nehr sometime around the early 1840ohanడrents were John Phillip Feller & Catherine Elizabeth Rau (Row or Rauh).

11. Johann Phillip Feller -- Johann Phillip Feller, Johan Nicolas桴her, was born ca. 1690 in Hartenburg, (Alsace), Lorraine, NY. and married Catharina (Catherine) Elisabeth Rau in 1716. Johann Phillipడrents were Nicholas Feller and Mary or Maria (Magdalena) Elizabetha Braun, the daughter of Benedict Braun, a Lutheran from Udenheim, Germany (died 1752). Because Johann Phillip෩fe is listed as both Magdalena and Mary Elisabeth(a) it is not certain whether these names represent two different wives.

12. Nicolas Feller --The earliest known Feller in this line, Nicolas and his wife, Mary Elizabeth, were Palatine immigrants who came to the American colony of New York around 1710. (LDS records list Nicolas as having been born in "Hartenburg, NY" in 1665, but H. Z. Jones祬l-researched Palentine Families of NY locates his place of origin as Guntersblum in the earldom of Leinnig-Hartenburg, near Oppenheim, Germany. Nicolas apparently served as a volunteer soldier in Queensbury (Canada) in 1711. His will is dated 1734. Jones lists as a possible ancestor of the American line, Dalwig Fehler (d.1674), who had a son named Jacob Feller (1653-1682) who lived at Guntersblum, and may have been Nicolas桴her or older brother.

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