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Welcome to The Cathey Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring eight generations of Catheys in the line of Archibald Cathey of Managhan, Ireland.

4. Stella Cathey (Boone) --Mother of Sue Blann and wife of J. M. Boone, Stella was born June 12, 1886 in Erin, TN (Houston Co.) and died in Nashville, TN. in June 1971. She married Marvin Boone in Erin in 1903 and had seven children: Oliver, Hazel, Margaret, Marvin Aaron,  Doris, Edith and Sue. Stella was a deaconess in the Nazarene Church and started Nashville঩rst rescue mission in 1939, located below the Jefferson St. Bridge. Several times a month, she would observe a day of fasting and prayer and frequently counseled people in the church. She had one brother, Clyde (1889-1959), who had one child, Marie. Stella's parents were Levi Cathey (sometimes spelled Cathy) and Laura Hooper.
She is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Nashville.

5. Levi Smith Cathey --Levi Cathey, father of Stella, was born in Montgomery Co, TN. East Park area (Clarksville) on Nov. 3, 1860. He was reared there, then moved to Houston Co. for most of the rest of his life, working as a saw miller making axe handles. On Oct.31, 1936, he died (a widower) at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, while living in Clarksville, and was buried in Erin, TN. (Erin Cemetary #1 on Jail Hill in the town of Erin). Of Black Dutch descent, he had black hair, dark brown eyes and an olive complexion. He married Laura Hooper Aug.31, 1882 in Houston, TN, and had two children, Clyde and Stella. His mother was Nancy Myers of TN. (1838-1906) and his father was Wiley Cathey of Stewart, TN, who was killed in the Civil War while Levi was an infant This branch of the male Cathey line died out with Levi೯n Clyde, who had one daughter and no sons.

6. Wiley (Willie) Cathey --The father of Levi Cathey, Wiley (Wily) was born in 1829, probably in Stewart Co., the eldest of five children of George & Eliza Cathey. His siblings were Archibald (1832-1907), William George Cathey (1836-1916), Mary Jane (b.1828) & Rebecca E. (or A.; b.1830) Cathey. In 1852, Wiley married Nancy E. Winn. They had two children, Verilla & Minerva, before Nancy died on Oct.13, 1858. Wiley next married the young widow Nancy L. (Myers) Hancock in Montgomery Co., Oct.12 or 13, 1859 and moved back to Stewart Co. The 1860 Stewart Co. census shows the couple with Wileyഷo young children and Nancy೯n David Hancock, all the children between 4 & 5 years of age, living near Wileyడrents, George and Eliza. (Both Wiley and his father are listed as farmers.) Levi Cathey was born late in 1860, just after the census was taken. Wiley served as a private in Co. "H" 50th TN Infantry and died in January 1863 as a CSA soldier. Three other soldiers in his unit died that same month. Wiley୩litary record shows that he was captured at Ft. Donelson on Feb.16,1862. Evidently he was released and rejoined his regiment which was taking an active part in engagement on Chickasaw Bayou near Vicksburg, Mississippi in late December of 1862 and remained at Port Hudson, LA, from Jan.7 to May 2, 1863. The confederate army records show that by Jan.12, 1863, Wiley was too ill to serve, due to dysentery and chronic diarrhea and was thus furloughed from Vicksburg to the Academy Hospital in Chattanooga where he died on Jan. 21, 1863. It appears that Larkin Hooper, his son঵ture father-in-law, was also in this unit.

           Nancy L. Myers Cathey: Levi୯ther, Nancy (Nann or Nannie), was born Oct. 8, 1838 in TN (d. Feb. 6/7, 1906) and first married Burrell A. Hancock (b. 1832) of Montgomery Co. at around age 15. They had at least one child, David Hancock, born in 1854/5 before Hancock died ca.1858 (5 year-old David appears in the 1860 Stewart Co. TN. census living with a remarried Nancy L. Cathey). Montgomery Co. records show that Nancy L. Hancock next married Wiley Cathey on Oct.12, 1859. Levi was born the next Nov. (1860) and his father died in 1863. Nann Cathey next remarried in Montgomery Co. on July 17, 1865 to James Thomas Buckingham (1826 or 1831-1915), who was born in Stewart Co. TN and buried in the Meyers Cemetery on the South Side of the Cumberland River. They had a son named (John) Henry (b.1866), Levi͊ half_brother, a daughter Minie (Maggie), and several other children (Alice, Wm. Aristotle, Thomas Edgar & Sarah). Nann is listed on Rootsweb as Nannie Lucy Cathey. She died Feb.6 or 7,1906 in Montgomery Co., TN. We only know Nancyୡiden name, Myers, from the testimony of her granddaughter, Stella Cathey Boone, and Nancyడrents have not been identified for certain. According to the 1900 Montgomery Co. TN census, Nannie Buckingham was born in TN in Sept, 1838; her mother was born in TN and her father in VA, while Nannie's next door neighbor--perhaps a relative (nephew?)--was J. W. Myers and family, born Oct.1867 in TN (his parents also born in TN). There is only one Nancy Myers of the correct age listed in the TN census. She is listed in the 1850 Meigs Co. TN census, as 12 year-old Nancy Myers, the daughter of Christopher Myers (b.1790) and Lydia West ( b.1790/2), born in Greene Co., TN (or possibly VA). They married in Greene Co. TN in 1803. Lydia͊ parents were William West (b.1750 in Rockingham, VA; d. 1831 in Greene Co. TN), a Revolutionary War veteran who served with Marionsmen, and Mary Rutherford (b. 1747), both of whose parents are unknown. William and Mary married before 1771. (A separate web listing shows a Nancy A. Myers, daughter of a Christopher Myers of Greene Co. TN, who was born in 1837 and married Thomas Self, but it is not clear if this is the same Nancy. Another possible candidate is Nancy L. Myers, who was born ca. 1831/33 in Green or Blount, TN. and married William Headrick. She was the daughter of John Myers & Nancy Dunn--but the birth year is slightly off.) Other Myers in Montgomery Co. TN old enough to be a parent of Nancy are Levi Myers (b. 1805 in TN-after 1870) and Margaret Myers (1810-after 1880).

7. George Cathey Jr. --The father of Wiley Cathey, George Cathey Jr. was born Feb.12, 1804, probably in NC, the fifth of 13 children of George Cathey (1743-1840). According to the 1830 census George Sr. is living in Mecklenburg Co, NC with two sons George Jr.ࡧe (16-26 years old), while there is no George Cathey listed in TN. The 1850 census shows George Jr. as a farmer born in NC. but other sources including the 1860 census say he was born in Stewart Co. TN. He died in Houston Co. TN on Jan. 8, 1877 and was buried in Hill Orchard Cemetery. Some time before 1829, George married Eliza Carter, who was born ca.1813 (her parents are unknown and may have come from TN, NC or GA according to different sources). The identity of George Jr.୯ther is also unknown.

8. George Cathey Sr. -- The father of George Jr., George Cathey was born in 1743 (or 1765) in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, near Charlotte). He moved to Long Creek, Stewart Co., TN. around 1802 (or according to another source, in 1810) and died there in 1840, aged 85 (according to LDS, he was born in 1749 and died in Thyatira, Rutherford Co., TN). His wife, with whom he had 13 children, is unknown. His parents were Andrew and Martha Cathey.

The following addendum was submitted by relative and fellow researcher Anne Cathey Smith:
There were many George Cathey's during the time frame that ours were living...we must be very careful when looking at information regarding George Cathey because they were so numerous. George Cathey, Jr (1804-1877) was born in Stewart Co, TN.  His father arrived in the area shortly after 1802.  He can be documented in Greene County, GA 1798-1802.  He bought land on Long Creek in Stewart Co, TN in 1810.  I have George Cathey, Jr. listed in the Stewart Co, TN census in 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870. George Cathey, Sr. was born about 1765 in NC, married a lady that we have no info on, they had 5 children: John (1790-1840), Rebecca (1792-1859), Archibald (1799-1870), Caroline (1801-1839), and George, Jr (1804-1877).  George, Sr. left a will that was proven in the May term of court, Stewart Co, TN, 1840. From here, my research gets fuzzy.  There was an Andrew Cathey (1722-1786) that many believe to be the father of George, Sr.  However, I can find no documentation to substantiate this.  He had a son, George, who was born in 1743 in NC.  I believe that we are missing a generation.  I believe that this George, son of Andrew, is the father of George, Sr, born about 1765.  I have nothing to prove this.  My argument is that there was a George Cathey, who was born about 1765 and died in Stewart Co, TN in 1840.  If the father of George, Jr. was born in 1743, he would have been 61 years old when George, Jr was born.  The George that I believe was George, Jr's father would have been 39 years old at Jr's birth.  I propose that George (1743-?) was the father of George, Sr (1765-1840). According to information that Boyt Cathey gathered for inclusion in his Cathey History book, Andrew, born 1745 in NC and his brother, George, born 1743 in NC, left NC and traveled to GA. Boyt guesses that these two brothers are the Andrew and George Cathey that appear in middle TN in the early 1800s. According to TN census records, I have an Andrew Cathey, born 1769, and a George Cathey, born 1765 in NC. There is documentation of Andrew being in Greene Co, GA 1798-1802.  He was in Stewart Co, TN in 1806, being summoned by the Sheriff to jury duty for the next term of court in Stewart Co, TN on 11 Sep 1806.  He was present on the jury 9 Dec 1806.  He had a TN land grant of 50 acres on Standing Stone Creek on the TN River in 1817.  He bought 67 acres in Henry Co, TN in 1822 and died in 1823 in Henry Co, TN. Because of the age difference in Andrew, one born 1745 and one born 1769, and George, one born 1743 and one born 1765, I am proposing that the latter males were "perhaps" the sons of the former Cathey males.  I have been unable to get any documentation to support my theory. George Cathey, Sr, the one born abt 1765 and died 1840 is fairly well documented, with census records and his will.  He started buying property in Stewart Co, TN in 1810 and continued through at least 1825.  I have been unable to determine his wife's name or names, if he had more than one.  He mentioned no wife in his will, only 3 sons and one daughter.  His daughter, Caroline, who married William Anderson, died in 1839, before George wrote his will.

 9. Andrew Cathey -- The father of George Cathey, Andrew Cathey was born in 1721/22 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died in Mecklenburg Co. NC. on Jan.20, 1786. His first wife Martha (ca.1720/5- ca. 1764) was the mother of George and his five siblings, Andrew Jr., Archibald, Eleanor, Rebecca & Alexander. (Martha͊ maiden name and parents are unknown.) According to LDS, Andrew married his second wife Rebecca Armstrong (b.1723 in Augusta, VA) in 1744 in Augusta, VA.and had two more sons. Other records show a more likely date of 1764-1767 for the second marriage. Andrew was buried near his mother at the Steele Creek Presbyterian Church in Mecklenburg Co. Andrew Sr.͊ parents were George Sr. and Jean (Jane) Cathey.

10. George Cathey (I) --The father of Andrew Cathey Sr., George Cathey was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland, around 1690 or between 1675-1704. (LDS says Geroge and his wife were both born in Managhan, Ireland in 1692). George married Jean Cathey, who was also from Ulster (b.1692). According to LDS the maiden name of George෩fe, Jean (or Jane) was also Cathey, her parents also being from Managhan, Ireland--the father born in 1666 and the mother in 1670. George and Jean apparently immigrated in the early 1700യ Lancaster, PA, where their first four children were born (Andrew, b.1721; George, b.1724: John, b,1725 & Eleanor, b.1726). Later they moved to Rowan, North Carolina, where five more children were born, the last one, Fanny born in 1739). Land records show that George received a grant of 400 acres in present-day Mecklenburg Co. NC. in 1749 and 312 acres in Anson Co. (now Rowan Co.), NC in 1751 near James Catheyଡnd, followed by 630 more in Anson in 1752, received from Lord Granville. In 1752, various heads of Cathey households received 7 land grants totaling 3,752 acres. The Cathey Settlement (also known as the Irish Settlement) was located west of present Salisbury, NC. It is described in great detail by author Robert W. Ramsey in his book "Carolina Cradle." George, the "planter of Anson County", died in 1756 (or between 1759-1765) in Rowan Co., NC. His wife, Jean, who survived him, then moved with most of her children to Mecklenburg Co. NC where she died on March 12, 1777. She was buried at the Steele Creek Presbyterian Church. Her extensive will shows her to have been a person of strong Christian faith, with a fairly large estate and a number of slaves and horses. The parents of George Cathey Sr. were Archibald and Ann Cathey.

11. Archibald Cathey -- The father of George Cathey Sr., Archibald Cathey was born in 1660 in Managhan, Ireland (according to LDS records). His wife, Ann, was also born there in 1670. It is doubtful but not certain whether they immigrated to America, nor their dates of death; neither are any further ancestors known in the Cathey line. It appears that Ann later remarried a John Cathey (d. after 1742), who might possibly have been related to Archibald.

The Catheys trace back at least to the Lowlands of Scotland in the 17th century. The spelling in English before their migration to America was probably "Cathie" or "Cathy". The Cathey's were members of the ancient Clan MacFie, who were the hereditary record keepers of the Hebrides Isles. The ancestral home of the MacFie Clan was the island of Colonsay, located off the western coast of Scotland. Another smaller island, Oronsay, was used by the MacFies for religious purposes and as a burial ground. Ancient records show that the MacFies occupied Colonsay and Oronsay as early as the 13th century. The Catheys were some of the early settlers of Ulster in the 17th century. It has not been determined whether or not the Catheys were planted as part of the 1610 plantation program approved by King James or whetherthey settled in Ulster prior to that time. Among the early Cathey settlers arriving in America from Ulster was James Cathey, born @1685 in Ulster, Ireland, who has been documented in Cecil County Maryland in 1718. (James may possibly have been Georgeࢲother). John Cathey, son of James, arrived between 1746 and 1751. Most of the Catheys in the United States descend from James, John and George Cathey. The migration path of James Cathey has been well documented. Records prove that James Cathey moved from Maryland into Lancaster Counter, Pennsylvania in the early 1730's. During the late 1730's, the Catheys had moved into Augusta County, Virginia, to what was called "The Beverly Manor". A land grant dated 13 August, 1743 from the "Colony and Dominion of Virginia" to James Cathey gave him 1,350 acres of land on the Shenandoah River. James Cathey had migrated to Anson County in the Colony of North Carolina by the late 1740's. The portion of Anson County in which they settled became Rowan County in 1753. The Cathey Settlement or "Irish Settlement" was located west of present Salisbury, North Carolina, where James Cathey (d.1757) had settled by 1749.

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