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Welcome to The Boone Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring five generations of Boones in the line of Etheldred Boone of Stewart Co., Tennessee and North Carolina.

3. Sue Bunch Boone (Blann) -- Born July 8, 1925 in Nashville, TN., the youngest child of Marvin and Stella Cathey Boone. Married Troy Blann on May 5, 1944 in Nashville, Tennessee. Died .Sept.24,2007 in Nashville. Her siblings were:  Oliver Boone. (married Tina Ives; one son--Robert or Bobby--2nd wife--Hazel), was vice-president of Kellogs Cereal); Hazel  Denny married Buford Biles, then W. O. Denny, who had a daughter, Francis; Hazel worked for the Health Dept).; Margaret Moore; married  Bob Moore-one daughter, "Little" Hazel and one son, Bobby Jr.); Marvin Aaron Boone ; married four times--Helen was mother of only son, "Boonie", other wives were: Dolly, Nellie, Marie and Grace--he was a professional entertainer and a chef, after retiring from show business); Doris Johnson (1919-2005; married Russell Hall--one son,  Jim, then remarried Henry Johnson--Doris was a beautician); Edith Galloway married Rev. Claude Galloway--two sons: Bill and Jack). Sue played piano, sowed and became a L.P.N. (nurse) in the 1960's and worked at various Nursing Homes until she retired. Her parents were Marvin Boone and Stella Cathey. She is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Nashville.

4. John Marvin Boone --Born Feb. 17, 1884 (or 1885?) in Erin, TN (Houston Co.) Died Dec. 31, 1961 in Nashville, Tennessee. Married Stella Cathey (1886-1971) in 1903, in Erin. A miller by trade, Marvin took over his father’s mill in Erin until it closed. He then moved his family first to Guthrie, KY. for a year, then on to Nashville in the early 1920's where he worked for Riverside Mills (12 years) and at H. G. Hill Co. (25 years) where he was mill foreman. He played mandolin in his early life, and had some artistic ability and loved to garden (he raised large elephant ears also sketched hunting dogs, etc.). After Marvin was converted at a Nazarene camp meeting, the family attended the Nazarene Church,  though Marvin’s mother’s family was Cumberland Presbyterian. His six siblings were: Robert Boone (1874-1931), Fanny Blake (b.1876), Sidney Boone (b.1879), Mary Elizabeth (Lizzy) Metcalfe (1881-1970), Hetty Lorraine Pullen and Morris Blake Boone. (Robert and Sidney Boone both served as mayors of Erin, TN in the early 1900's.)  J. M. (Marvin) Boone had two sons and five daughters (listed above). His parents were Jack Daniel Boone and Kate Graham. He is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Nashville.

5. John Daniel Boone -- The father of Marvin Boone, J.D. (Jack) Boone was born Oct.8, 1844 and died Jan.15, 1913 in Erin, TN (Houston Co.). He married Mary Catherine (Kate) Graham (May 13, 1853- Jan. 17, 1920) in the early 1870's and they had seven children (listed above).  J. D. Boone had one sister, Emily Caroline (1848-1926) and one brother, William Henry (1856-1930). Jack worked as an engineer on the L&N Railroad for a time and later built a steam-powered rolling mill which he ran in Erin, and thus earned the nickname, "Flour mill Jack". He also raised livestock & farmed. His parents were Bird Boone, and Betty Lee, who were thought by both family and local historians to be relatives, respectively, of Daniel Boone, the famous pioneer, and General Robert E. Lee of Virginia (though neither connection has ever been definitively proven).

6. Richard Byrd Boone--Byrd (or Bird Richard) Boone was born ca. 1817 in TN (or N.C.) and died on Oct.13, 1856 in Ashley, Illinois. He was of Scotch-Irish descent and his family was Cumberland Presbyterian. A farmer by trade, around 1843, Byrd married Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Lee, (May 18, 1823- June 18, 1909), with whom he had three children (listed above), including Jack D. Boone. Byrd was the son of pioneer, Etheldred Boone of North Carolina and Mary Holley, who moved to Stewart Co., TN in 1804. Bird’s seven siblings were: Charlotty (b.1800, NC), William (b.1809, NC), Susan ("Sooky"-b.1811, TN), Etheldred (Jr.) --(b.1820, NC), John (Jr.)--(b.1822, TN), Brighton (1824, TN) and Elizabeth (b.1827, TN). Bird grew up in Stewart (now Houston) Co., but moved with his wife to Illinois shortly before the Civil War (allegedly to find work) and died there. His wife returned to Erin with the children after his passing.

7. John Etheldred Boone--John or Jonathan Etheldred ("Dred") Boone was born in 1776 probably in North Carolina and died in Houston Co, TN sometime after 1850. Etheldred married Mary Holley (or Holly) and traveled from North Carolina in a wagon caravan to Stewart (now Houston) County in 1804 and settled on Well’s Creek near Erin, TN. A farmer, trapper and explorer, Etheldred had eight children, several sisters (not listed) and either two or three brothers: Daniel (not the famed pioneer), Joseph, and probably Byrd or Bird (called "Buddy"). Mary Holley’s parents are not known. Our earliest confirmed Boone ancestor, Etheldred Boone (perhaps John or Jonathan Etheldred Boone) was born  in North Carolina, according to the 1850 Stewart Co., TN census, the last census in which he appears. He is the father of  Richard Byrd Boone, father of Jack Daniel Boone, father of John Marvin Boone. Besides the names of his children and their descendants, very little is known for sure about Etheldred’s life or ancestry. The historian Goodspeed states that Etheldred was a famous pioneer who came from NC to Stewart Co. around 1804, that Etheldred was related to Daniel Boone and had several sisters and brothers. Another tradition reports that he married a Miss Holly, thought to be Mary Holly. Tradition, as well as census birth records of his children, indicate that Etheldred went back and forth to NC several times. If he went by the name John or Jonathan on some census records, it would be difficult to identify him, since there were so many John Boons moving from county to county in NC, TN, VA & KY during his early life. Land records show that Etheldred had built a home in Wells Creek, Stewart Co. TN by 1824. Etheldred first appears in the 1830 Stewart Co. census, then is apparently listed as Eldridg Boon in the 1840 census (age 60-70, wife 50-60), and finally in 1850 as Ethedriel Boon (age 74) along with daughter Elizabeth (age 33).

DNA related research: There are a number of early records which assert that Etheldred (sometimes pronounced in Houston County as "Ethan-eldred", and also sometimes spelled Ethelred) was a nephew of Daniel Boone, the famous pioneer. This was also the supposition used by Margaret R. Schneider in her book, Etheldred Boone and his Descendants, which posits Daniel Boone's brother, Jonathan, as a possible father of Etheldred, thus tentatively linking him to the line of George Boon I of Exeter, England.  However recent 2006 DNA studies done by Bobby Boone, a direct male descendent of Etheldred, have shown that Etheldred Boon's Y-DNA strand does not match the Y-DNA from the male heirs of Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone's line belongs to haplogroup R1b, while Etheldred's line belongs to  haplogroup I, a lineage which hails from northwestern Europe and is associated with Viking populations. By means of comparative DNA matches, we have not yet identified the name of Etheldred's ancestors; however, several other DNA matches to Etheldred's line reveal that he is chromosonally related to some of the Boones in the neighboring counties of Southhampton, VA and Northampton and Hertford Counties in NC., including Matthias Boon,  a contemporary of Etheldred who was born in 1786 in  Southhampton, VA and moved to Madison Co. TN, where he died in 1835. Matthias's siblings are thought to be: Allen, Nicolas (d.1806) and Edy (Research by Boone researcher, Norman Flythe, postulates, due to proximity, that  Matthias's father was John Boon (b.ca.1749) of Hertford Co. NC. and that John's brother was Nicholas Boon (b.ca.1750) also of Hertford Co. NC, although this has not been  proven). Other early Boons who match Etheldred's DNA are Boling Boon (b.1801 in Northampton, NC, who is likely the son of William Boone (1755-1806) and Susannah Jenkins (1776-1806), William being the son of Joseph Boon (1730-1794) and Savory), Benjamin Boon (b. 1820 in S.C), Bird Boon (b.1790 in NC, died after 1850 in Stewart County, TN, who is discussed further below), and Nicolas Boon (b.1806 in Hertford Co. NC; married Rebecca Lyles). Several Boone researchers have concluded that Nicolas (b.1806) is most likely the son of Allen Boon (mentioned above) through Allen's second wife (and first cousin) Rebecca Boon (daughter of Nicholas Boon 1745-1800, and his wife Anne of Hertford Co. NC). Nicholas's children were: James, Thomas, Bartholomew, Byrd, Susanna and Rebecca.  Nicholas' son, Byrd Boone, who married Nancy Edwards in 1810, is not the same as Byrd (or Bird) Boon of Stewart Co. TN, who married Hannah (Costons?) and whom Margaret Schneider believed was Etheldred's brother. Nicholas' son, Byrd, was born in 1783 (he appears to have been born and died in Hertford Co. NC, where his parents settled), and he is most likely the Byrd Boon who appears on the Hertford Co. census in 1810. Bird's wife, Nancy, gave birth to a son named William in 1816. Byrd and his wife both appear to have died around this period, as their estate is bequeathed to infant William, who is thereafter raised by relatives. Further DNA studies are ongoing which will hopefully reveal more about the relationship between those who share this DNA line.
       The research of Boone genealogist, Leta Myles Boone Franklin, available on line, (link) covers the whole line of older Boon ancestors whose DNA matches Etheldred Boon of Stewart Co.TN, beginning with the earliest known ancestor Thomas Boon Sr. (wife, parents and siblings unknown) who was born ca.1700 in Isle of Wight/Southhampton Co.VA, "North of the Meharrin River." Most of Thomas' family settled just over the North Carolina line in Hertford Co and Northhampton Co.NC. (Note: this Thomas Boon is not DNA related to another well-known Thomas Boon of Isle of Wight, VA, who was born ca.1648 and married Elizabeth Ratliff, and who is patriarch to another line of Boons in the same area--but "South of the Meharrin River"--who are not of the same DNA strain as Etheldred Boone.) Thomas (b.1700) had four known children: [1] Elizabeth Boon Jackson, [2] Nicolas (ca.1745-1800; married Anne; Nicolas was the father of Rebecca, who was the mother of Boling Boon of GA, mentioned above), [3] Thomas Jr. (1733-1796; married Edith "Edy" Whitehead), and [4] John (c.1747-1786; married Mary-- John was the father of Matthias Boon (b.1786), also mentioned above, as well as Boling's father, Allen). We should note that there is some confusion among researchers concerning the identity of the parents of Boling Boon (b.1801 in Northampton, NC-died 1862 in Wayne Co.GA), due to the fact that there were two Boling Boons born within a year or two of each other in the same area, as well as a third older Boling, after whom they both may have been named. One Boling Boon, born around 1802, is the son of William Boone (1755-1806) and Susannah Jenkins (1776-1806), William being the son of Joseph Boon (1730-1794) and Savory), whose further line is unknown. It would appear that this Boling--whose siblings were Susanna, Martha, Temperance Boone, and half-brother Charles Edmunds--died without issue in Edgecomb Co. NC. around 1823 and he is not necessarily a DNA match to Etheldred or Thomas Boon Sr.'s line. Leta's research would suggest that the other Boling Boon, who lived longer and raised a family in GA, is a great-grandson of Thomas Boon, the offspring of two cousins, Allen and Rebecca Boon--and from the evidence, this appears to be the correct identification for our DNA line. Two in this line who moved to TN are Nicolas's daughter Susannah (b.1770), who moved with her husband Thomas Cheatham to Robertson Co, TN by 1850; also Matthias (b.1786) of Hertford Co NC, who married Margaret Joyner in 1807, moved to Madison Co. TN where he died in 1838. While the family of Etheldred Boon and his supposed siblings doesn't appear to fit among Thomas Sr's descendants, the closeness of their DNA, coupled with their proximity in eastern North Carolina suggests that Etheldred and his siblings are of a reasonably close relationship to those in the line of Thomas Boon Sr.

Bird Boone: It has been suggested in the book, Etheldred Boone and his Descendants, by Margaret R. Schneider, that Etheldred had two or three brothers, Bird (Byrd or Birdy) Boone (born 1790 in NC, died in Stewart Co. TN), Joseph and Daniel. (Joseph Boon of Stewart Co.Tn appears in the list of "Tennesseans in the War of 1812"). Although no known surviving records exist that document their relation as siblings, DNA tests have confirmed that Bird and Etheldred, who both moved from NC to Stewart Co, TN., are a close Y-DNA match. When this is considered together with proximity and other supporting genealogical evidence, there seems little reason to doubt that the two are brothers. The names of the children of Etheldred and his putative brother, Bird are as follows:

(John) Etheldred Boone                      Bird Boone (Etheldred’s brother?)
(b.1776, NC) wife: Mary Holley          (b.1790, NC) wife: Hannah (Costins?)
Charlotty (b.1800, NC)                        Rebecca (b.1820)               (*Bright has a son named                                             
William (b.1809, NC)*                         Daniel (b.1826)                    Daniel--William has sons
Susan (“Sooky”-b.1811, TN)              William (b.1832)                   named Wm & Etheldred.}
Richard Byrd (b.1817, TN)                  Mary (b.1834)            
Elizabeth (b.1817, TN)                         Elisabeth (b.1836)       
Etheldred (Jr.) (b.1820, NC)                Tabitha (b.1838)         
John (Jr.) (b.1822, TN)                         Margaret (b.1842)
Bright(on) (1824, TN) *                       Caroline (b.1846)          

        According to the naming conventions of the British Isles, the first son is usually named after the paternal grandfather, the second after the maternal grandfather and the third after the father. Etheldred’s third son is indeed named after him (his fourth being named John), while his first son is named William. Bird Boone’s second son is named William, and the first Daniel, so either of them may be candidates for the name of Etheldred’s father. (Possibly, Richard Bird Boone may be named after a maternal grandfather named Richard Holly and his uncle Bird. Or Richard could be Etheldred's father's name.) As both Etheldred and Bird have daughters named Elizabeth, perhaps this is the name of their common mother.
        One helpful surviving document is the death certificate of Bird's daughter Tabitha, which reveals that her father was named Birdy Boone, that she was born in 1838 in Hanover Co. NC and died in Seagrove, NC in Dec. 1914. It states that Tabitha's mother was also from Hanover Co. NC, which is presumably the same as New Hanover Co., NC. This shows agreement with the evidence of the 1820-1840 New Hanover, NC census which records Bird Boone as a resident during those decades, particularly in 1838 when Tabitha was born. This would also suggest that Etheldred and his parents might have lived in New Hanover for some time. However, one enigma remains in that Bird Boone appears on the 1840 and 1850 census in Stewart Co. TN. and is listed in two different states in 1840, suggesting that there might be another unknown individual in New Hanover Co.in 1840 named Bird Boone. (Byrd Boon, son of Nicholas Boon, who last appears on the 1810 Hertford Co, NC census, would seem to have already died by around 1816, and would not be a candidate.) Outside of the 1840 census, there is no other evidence to suggest the existence of another Bird Boon in New Hanover Co. Until further evidence appears, my best theory to explain the evidence is that Bird Boone moved to Stewart Co. two years after the birth of his daughter, Tabitha, who was born in New Hanover Co. NC in 1838, where her father had lived since at least 1820 (when his oldest daughter Rebecca was born). He may have been counted on the 1840 census in NC just before he left and again in the Stewart Co.TN census just after he arrived. (Curiously, the 1840 Stewart Co. census only records one adult male and female in the household, omitting the children, while Ancestry.com's online 1840 New Hanover census does not show Bird Boon at all--I only found him in an old printed index of the 1840 NC census.) Bird, Tabitha and the rest of their children appear on the 1850 Stewart Co. census (as listed above), and Bird dies before the 1860 census.
        There is another Etheldred Boone who appears in the 1830 Southampton, VA census at the same time as Etheldred of Stewart Co. appears in the TN census. Whether this 1830 VA Etheldred (40-50 on census, thus born between 1780-90) is the same as the person listed as Dred Boon in the 1840 and 1850 Southampton, VA. censuses (and shown by the census to be a black servant) has not been determined. There is also a Southampton City tax record showing a single, white Etheldred Boon living there between 1806 & 1811, and a 1807 court record of Southampton, VA, which seems to indicate that an Etheldred Boon had previously lived there but no longer did. His identity is unconfirmed, but he must be either the Etheldred who appears on the 1830 Southampton, VA census or our Etheldred who moved to TN after this time.
         Early Boons in Tennessee who might possibly be related to Etheldred include a William Boon (1799 & 1811 Davidson Co. tax list), a Daniel Boon who appears on the Warren Co. tax list in 1812, (another?) Daniel who dies in Madison Co. TN. around 1843. Madison Co. tax lists from around 1830 also show a William and Thomas Boon in that county.
        There is also a Richard Boon in Robertson Co. TN ca.1810 (or 1814), who is likely the son of John Boon (d.1795) of Northampton Co. NC. Most interesting is a Nathan Boon  who appears on the 1810 tax list and 1814 court records for Stewart Co, then disappears. LDS records a 1808 marriage in Sumner Co. TN between a Nathan Boon and Betsey Thorn.  A Nathan Boone--possibly Nathan of Stewart Co--also appears in the 1800 Northampton Co., NC. census (between 16-26 years old); his mother is Elizabeth Sherrod Boon.

Further Boone/Bohun Ancestry: The Boone family, in one of its many lines, dates back to the time of the Norman Conquests in the tenth century and the name is likely of Norman origin. The Boones of NC, TN & KY are mostly of Scotch-Irish descent. The name "Boon" is thought to be anglicized from the French word bon, meaning "good" or is a place name meaning one from Bohun in the Northwest corner of France. The haplogroup I has been found also to be related to some Boones presently in Ireland.  While this web site formerly featured some of the line of Daniel Boone, the Morgan line, and the Bohun line back to Humphrey de Bohun, companion of William the Conqueror, these have now been removed since there is no evidence to suggest that these lines are directly related to the line of Etheldred Boon. For those who are interested in these lines, I have retained the related charts in the Family Tree section.   




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