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Welcome to the Blann Gallery of Photo restoration. If you have a photo, or photographs, which you are interested in having restored, colorized, or otherwise altered,  please contact us at Blanng@att.net. Gregory Blann has been employed in the graphic arts and printing  industry for over twenty years, including eight years in the desktop computer field, doing Photoshop retouch, color corrections and alterations on magazines such as Marie Claire, Town & Country,  Esquire, and Classic American Homes. Our photograph retouching services currently offer:

  • Restoring torn or damaged photos and  removing blemishes

  • Colorizing Black & White photos

  • Color correcting bad or unnatural photographic colors and helping photos that are  faded or too dark

  • Placing different backgrounds behind a subject (or simply silhouetting and eliminating the background)

  • Removing or adding people or objects to enhance the photo

Below are a few samples of our work (actual client work would be done in higher pixel resolution than is shown on the web, making the images  much sharper than these samples). Please be aware that all of the works in The Blann Gallery site are copyrighted and should not be used or reproduced without the permission of the artist. 

The photo at left has been restored to its original condition,
and the flange of light at right has been darkened..


Two original photos (top) have been retouched and combined into
 a single photo (below right); a colorized version is at bottom left..

This turn of the century 16X16" convex photo on stiff cardboard (top left) has been
 retouched (below) and also colorized and integrated with a new background (top right).

Colorized genealogical photographs from Black & White originals.


Click image of dancers to see it full size

Sometimes a good photograph can be improved by splicing in parts of a second image.
 The image at right  was used on a web site home page after adding to the cut-off
right side of the image, changing the pose of one dancer and replacing
 the background (at left). Click on the dance image to see it full size.


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