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Welcome to The Bateman Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring two generations of Batemans in the line of John Bateman of Tyrell County, North Carolina.

6. Julia Emmaline Bateman (Hooper)-- Emmaline was born Aug. 29, 1829, in TN (according to 1880 census) and died sometime after 1900 in Houston Co., TN. She married Larkin Hooper and was the mother of Laura Hooper and six other children. Julia Emmaline was the third child of John Bateman and Juliet Thompson, who were from the Carolinas and came to Stewart (now Houston) Co. in the early 1800's. Emmaline೩blings were: Mary Ann (1825-1876) [same as? Morgan (1826, TN)], second child: William (1827-1897, TN), John Jeremiah (1831-1908,TN), Sarah Caroline (b.1833 or 1840, TN) Thomas W. (1836-ca.1864, TN), Patrick Henry (1836-1907, TN,) Elizabeth F. (b.1837, TN), Thena or Cena Arrena (Irene) -b.1838,TN), and George Washington Bateman (1841-1878, TN).

7. John Bateman -- John Bateman, father of Emmaline, was born July 20, 1804 in Tyrrell Co., NC and died March 5, 1885 in TN. He had two known brothers, Edwin (b.1797, NC) and Jeremiah (b.1811 TN), but we do not know the names of the parents. From a biography of  Thomas B. Bateman , son of John's eldest brother Edwin, (found in the Biographical Appendix of Goodspeed History of Dyer County, TN --p.1026), we learn that Edwin was of English ancestry, was born in NC in 1797, and moved to Dickson Co. with his parents when 10 years old; then Edwin's father died in a few weeks. This would seem to date the Bateman father's death to ca. 1807 in Tennessee, after a move from Tyrell Co. NC. However, the third and youngest of the replica watches Bateman brothers, Jeremiah, also thought to have the same father, was born in Tennessee in 1811 (d. 1875), thus complicating the dating. (The 1810 TN Census was lost; therefore,  it cannot be checked either.). Somewhat later, Edwin Bateman moved to Humphreys Co., TN. His brother, John Bateman, married Juliet Thompson in Dickson Co., TN on July 10, 1823. At first, they lived on their property on Deer Creek in Humphreys Co., TN; then he purchased 1640 acres on the east fork of Wellòeek in Stewart (now Houston) Co., TN, land which became known as Bateman Branch. He and his wife are buried in the cemetery behind the old Bateman School. Three of their sons fought as Confederate soldiers in the Civil War. One of them, Thomas, was killed and buried in Columbia; another, John Jeremiah was captured by the Union in 1864 in Stewart Co. and was later released. The third, Patrick Henry Bateman, survived the Battle of Gettysburg, went on to teach school and raise a family, one of his sons (Henry Quaite Bateman) becoming a professional baseball player for Milwaukee. John෩fe, Juliet, died in 1876. The 1880 census shows John Bateman at age 75, "widowed", and lists a son, William L. (b.1829, NC), a daughter, Sena A. (b.1840, TN), and a granddaughter, Samantha J. Allbrooks (b.1864 in Arkansas) living in the household. The names of John Batemanడrents are not known.


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