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Welcome to The Andrew Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring four generations of Andrews in the line of John Andrew Sr. of Dorchester County, Maryland.

8. Ann "Nancy" Andrew --Nancy was the mother of Garretson Turner and wife of Thomas Turner. Nancy, born on Sept.25, 1761 was the oldest of three daughters of Richard and Sarah Andrew of Dorchester Co. MD. One of Nancy௬der sisters, Rhoda married Joseph Bland III (brother of George), while one of her younger sisters, whose first name is now lost (1765/74-after 1810), was the first wife of Abel Gootee and mother of Sally Gootee. Nancy was married to Thomas Turner on April 26, 1781. Apparently, Nancy moved out of the state of Maryland sometime after her husbandथath in Caroline Co. MD in 1805, and she died in Aboite Township, Allen Co., Indiana on Oct.25, 1839. There were also several marriages during this time period between the family of Joseph Bland and other members of the Caroline Co. Andrew family.

9. Richard Andrew (Jr.) --The father of Nancy Andrew, Richard was born ca.1722 in Dorchester Co. MD., the only son of Richard Andrew Sr. and Mary Brumwell. He married Sarah (maiden name and parents unknown) before 1761, and together they had fifteen children. Richard died in Caroline Co. MD in 1815.

10. Richard Andrew (Sr.) --The father of Richard Andrew Jr., Richard was born ca.1700. Sometime before 1729, he married Mary Bromwell (Mary was the only known daughter of Robert and Rebecca Bromwell or Brumwell, Robert having died ca. 1709/10 in Dorchester Co.) and fathered four children, Ann, Richard Jr., Rebecca and Nehemiah. Richard Sr. died ca Oct., 1776; his parents were Mr. & Mrs.  John Andrew.

11. John Andrew --The father of Richard Andrew Sr., John Andrew was born before 1670 and died after Nov. 1695, probably in Dorchester Co. MD. His spouse and parents are unknown. He had three children: John, George and Richard.


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